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Filipino Translations:
Gala Wander, Roam, Travel | Gumala To Wander or to Travel | Galaan Colloquial term for Hangout Places, Go-to Places or Travel Spots

Gumala is a travel-guide app that aims to help travelers and travelers at heart find and explore the perfect destinations and attractions that would suit their preferences.

Coined from the Filipino word “Gumala”

meaning to wander or to travel, Gumala App aims to help its users do just that by listing down the best and most unique “Galaans” available in each area. As we do not derive any payment from any establishments, Gumala App is not just limited to the high-end and the most popular destinations.

We cover the most note-worthy places available.

From serene parks and heritage sites, and restaurants with unique concepts, to escape rooms, hobby shops and even popular hiking sites, we aim to list them all so you can find the perfect Galaan to suit your mood. So if you are a tourist, a frequent traveler or even just a local looking to get away from the routines of life, we've got you covered! With Gumala, Adventure and Travel has never been more possible.